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    Cyalume Light Sticks

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    Cyalume Light Sticks

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    The Cyalume is an exceptional light source. Without fire, without heat, without electricity, without danger (non toxic), it is always ready to work and immediately usable, even under water.
    During the first hours, the Cyalume produces enough light to work or read. When used as a signal, it is easily distinguished from other light sources by its fluorescent color. Its many specific qualities make the Cyalume indispensable in all cases where an independent or emergency light may be necessary.

        High intensity: bright light for about 3 hours
        Long duration: can be used for at least 10 hours afterwards
        High visibility: at night approx. 2 km or at an altitude of approx. 3000 m
        Always usable: in all weather conditions -25°C to +70°C
        Floating: thanks to its low specific weight
        Waterproof: can be used under water
        Small and light: only 15 cm long and lighter than 25 g
        Safe: does not produce flame, non-flammable
        Non-toxic: if the liquid is swallowed or in contact with the skin
        Good conservation: can be kept for several years
        Activation: by bending the stick

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