H2O Sensations is based in Switzerland, close to Geneva!

From day one, we've paid particular attention to pricing. The boating sector is a niche where prices are regularly high, mainly due to the quality of the materials used, but also to the low volume of production compared to other sectors. In order to meet the highest expectations, H2O Sensations offers brands and product ranges ranging from single to quadruple the price.

H2O Sensations' pricing policy is simple: to be competitive and in line with the market average. Prices are reviewed with the aim of being competitive and correctly positioned according to the manufacturer's price list. Comparisons with the competition are regularly made, and prices are updated and adjusted as necessary.

Switzerland is not part of the EU. We use our own currency, the CHF, and have our own VAT, which changes according to the choice of our government.  In January 2024, Swiss VAT rose to 8.1% (unless otherwise indicated). Swiss VAT is applied to all services delivered in Switzerland, and is therefore de facto waived on exports from Switzerland. By default, prices include Swiss VAT. To see prices excluding Swiss VAT, you need to log in to an account with a delivery address outside Switzerland.

Prices displayed on the site may be adjusted at any time and cannot be used as a contractual value. If you need a stable offer to allow you to take some time over the purchase of a large item, ask us for a fixed-term price offer. Prices remain variable and become binding on receipt of the invoice issued by H²O Sensations. Invoices issued by H²O Sensations are regarded as order confirmations and may also be used as delivery slips.

Packaging, transport, postage and insurance costs are not included in the prices displayed on the site. To find out the price you will be charged, simulate an order. You'll see the full cost of your order before confirming it by paying. We strongly recommend that you choose the "Signature or Insurance" option for delivery. It's the only option we have.

H2O Sensations Terms and Conditions are our references on this topic

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