Boat Fittings

The world of boating is vast. There are lots of different elements, with lots of specific shapes, materials and uses. The terminology is very specific and can seem barbaric in some cases. To help you find your way around, H2O Sensations has tried to find some generic words that should help you find your way more easily. To help you find your way more easily, we've selected multiple choices for information processing, grouping and sorting on our website.

  • By brand, this solution allows you to group all products of a single brand.
  • By category and sub-category, a solution based on a tree structure and a logical use and grouping of products.
  • Filtering and sorting: for large quantities of products that are difficult to find.
  • By keywords in the search engine at the top of each screen.

Every day, we work on product descriptions, characteristics and attributions, on their classification and grouping, as well as on assigning synonyms.

We pay close attention to detail to ensure that your information is as accurate as possible. You notice an inconsistency, an error. Let us know! Your comments will be processed and corrected as necessary!

Within this category, products have been grouped into sub-categories whose names have been "simplified" by function. For example, a shackle is used to connect two objects, a pulley is used to return a line, and a screw is used to fasten one or more objects together. As you can see, if you're an expert in fittings, these names will seem blizzard at first, but once you get the idea, you'll understand that these words have been chosen for the less experienced in nautical terminology. For those of you who know what you're looking for, type your keywords directly into the search engine above the main categories.

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