H2O Sensations was born out of a passion for light sailing!
Our aim is to give you the best possible advice for your purchases!

The dinghies are boats with no fixed ballast and a retractable daggerboard. The daggerboard can be ballasted. The advantage of this type of boat easy to set up and launch. They
can be loaded onto the roof of a car for the lighter models, and in all cases be launched without scraping. This makes easy to use and economical. H2O Sensations focuses mainly on dinghies from 250cm to

Here are just a few of the types of hull construction commonly used today:

  • Polypropylene hulls - generally favored by schools for their low maintenance costs and solidity.
  • Fiber hulls (glass, carbon or even flax) - generally more rigid and high-performance boats
  • Plywood/resin hulls or strip planking (much less common in recent years).

The choice of a dinghy must be based on your sailing objectives and your budget. On the other hand, it's very important to draw up a program of use that covers 80% of your needs, the remaining 20% being "Exceptional" days, which should also be taken into consideration. If we leave the budget aside, which in the end will not be an option, it is very important to know who will be using the boat and to identify the following points:

  • The number of people who will be on board 80% of the time
  • User skills
  • Average weight of users
  • Main place of use

These criteria will guide you towards the following main families of dinghies on the market:

  • Guyed or rigless dinghies (the mast is planted in the deck and held in place by a ring).
  • Sailing school dinghies
  • Family leisure dinghies
  • Archimedean racers
  • Steering wheels

but also their dimensions and weight, which will have an impact on :

  • handling on land
  • storage
  • performance (not necessarily the most powerful machines)
  • ease of maintenance and spare parts replacement.

A boat at a great price may not be for you, and H2O Sensations is here to guide you in your search and answer your questions.

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