Shipping and handling

H2O Sensations makes every effort to keep shipping costs as low as possible. All costs related to the printing of invoices, payment slips, shipping documents, self-adhesive envelopes and other items are never charged to customers. This is to limit the shipping costs charged to the customer. Each product is weighed, its weight recorded and adjusted to ensure that the shipping price is as close as possible to the amount invoiced by Swiss Post or its partner for parcels over 2kg and urgent TNT/Fedex parcels. To track your parcel, the Swiss Post website may not provide all the information you need. Please visit your national post office's website. Copy and paste the tracking number you find on your order. Don't hesitate to contact them to find out about the status of your delivery - they have all the information you need.

Switzerland is not part of the European Union. This means that VAT is not charged on parcels destined for countries outside the EU. The shop displays prices inclusive of VAT to anyone not logged in to the site. When you are logged in, with a delivery address registered outside Switzerland, all prices are displayed exclusive of Swiss VAT. You can therefore expect to receive your parcel with forwarding charges and the VAT of your country. This is totally out of H2O Sensations' control.

We strongly recommend that you take the "Signature" option, which not only provides you with a tracking number, but also allows H2O Sensations to request a parcel search, and in the event of a lost parcel, to request a refund, and finally to refund you as well.

If you think our shipping prices are too high, we agree with you 100%. You then have the option of organizing a pickup with the carrier of your choice. You organize the pick-up and we make the parcel available to your carrier. You can also pick up the goods at the warehouse. In this case, your delivery address must be ours. For administrative reasons, all services delivered in Switzerland must include Swiss VAT.

  • Your First Name, Your Last Name
  • ℅ H2O Sensations
  • Chemin du planet 1a
  • 1293 Bellevue

Do you have to go back to your country once the goods have been picked up on our premises? Don't worry, once the goods have been exported from Switzerland, you can send us the original documents proving the export, and we'll refund the VAT deducted.

Recycling, Environmental Care and Waste Disposal

Since 2004, H²O Sensations has been committed to recycling and recovering all waste materials (paper, batteries, metals, glass, resins and other pollutants). Every work process and every trip is carefully counted to minimize the impact on the environment. 99% of cardboard used for shipments is recycled and has already been used to protect goods during transport. A dedicated storage area is set aside for used cardboard, and when this becomes too large, surplus cardboard is taken to Serbeco for recycling. Each year, between 250 and 750kg of cardboard and other paper packaging cannot be reused for transport.

The remaining 1% must be purchased for format reasons, generally long and narrow. H2O Sensations strives not to invest in new cartons to reduce the footprint of shipments. The choice of not having an adhesive or a cardboard box with the H2O Sensations logo on it, for better visibility, has always been refused. This choice enables H2O to reduce the amount of cardboard to be recycled, cutting costs but also passing on these savings to the packaging of your parcels.

In 2010, at the launch of Swiss Post's "Pro Clima" project, H2O Sensations signed up to sustainable development and respect for the environment by donating an amount for each shipment, which will be used directly to save our planet. At no extra cost to the end customer. More information on Swiss Post's Pro Clima program.

When it comes to H2O Sensations transport, our fleet of vehicles is regularly inspected, monitored and maintained to reduce breakdowns, premature wear and tear, and increase longevity. Driving is always measured, with the emphasis on arriving safely and in good condition rather than fast and jerky. In transport, speeds on roads and freeways are always within limits, with an eye to fuel consumption. A load of 3 or 4 catamarans is regular. Our fuel consumption is often 12l per 100km, with loads of up to 7t. Depending on the case, loading volumes can represent the contents of a semi-trailer consuming 35l per 100km.

If you have any questions about our operations, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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