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 After spending 15 years working for large international companies based in Geneva, JrMinardi decided to work as a freelance. After a few months of research, the activity sector was clearly identified, the field of Catamarans and Dinghies, H20 Sensations was born in July 2004. The objective was clear, to offer its customers products and services in the catamaran field. and dinghy. To allow to. customers to have a single point of contact for all questions and needs. From day one, JrMthardi is proud to say that H20 Sensations is 

- Independent in all aspects (politically, financially as well as from a business point of view). - Able to serve quickly and well - Offer a wide range of specie products .. for Catamarans and Dinghies - Have a great experience in Regatta as in sailing schools 

Today, after several years of presence in the market, H20 Sensations has become an international player offering services in more than 30 countries, 340 days a year. 

You have. specific needs that you cannot find on the site, requirements and expectations? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to meet your needs.

H20 Sensations


What we do?

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The prices applied are taken from the public tariffs, including Swiss VAT of 7.7% (unless otherwise indicated), in CHF, without packaging costs, postage, transport, transport insurance, Bellevue departure. The prices quoted in the price lists can be modified at any time and without notice. Prices remain variable and become binding upon receipt of the invoice issued by H²O Sensations. Invoices issued by H²O Sensations will be considered as order confirmations and can also serve as a Delivery Note. The prices displayed on the Internet "Eshop" are applicable only for Internet orders. H²O Sensations is not required to apply Internet “Eshop” prices in the event of direct sales. Swiss VAT will be deducted from the order for any delivery outside Switzerland. The values ​​on the Internet "Eshop" in EUR and USD are indicative and not contractual. If in doubt, ask for an offer by email before ordering or visiting the H²O-Sensations website.


H²O Sensations has been involved since 2004 in the recycling and recovery of all waste (paper, batteries, metals, glass, resins and other polluting waste). Each work process, each movement is counted as accurately as possible to have a minimum impact on the environment.


In 2010, when SwissPost's "Pro Clima" project was launched, H2O Sensations signed up for sustainable development that respects the environment by donating an amount for each shipment that will be directly used to save our planet. This at no additional cost to the end customer.More information on the Swiss Post Pro Clima program.

Stock philosophy

Since 2004, H²O Sensations has been of crucial importance in being able to respond quickly to the various requests addressed to it.
Having physical stock and not theoretical or in supplier stock is essential to allow us to meet your needs. As a result, the quantity of referrals increases every month, not to say every day (as far as possible).
Particular attention is paid to not breaking out, which often makes people smile who have had the opportunity to visit our premises, regularly pictured like the cave of Ali Baba ...

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