Topper Catamaran

Topper has been producing polypropylene catamarans for years. Their range comprises three models:

    Topaz 12
    Topaz 14
    Topaz 16

The major differences between these boats lie in their length, width and hull volume. The 12-footers are designed primarily for children, the 14s for teenagers or small adults, and the 16s for larger sailors. These boats are very sturdy, and are particularly well suited to sailing schools, as well as to those wishing to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Making a Topper Topaz unusable will require heavy impact or misuse. Over 10 years in sailing school and the boats are still in great shape!

On the other hand, the polypropylene platform is much more flexible than a fiberglass platform, which is preferred in regattas for its performance.

Their trilaminate hulls require very little effort to maintain, making them the boat of choice for sailing schools. They are particularly fast compared to their competitors, and very seaworthy!

Topper Topaz is a catamaran that will accompany you on all your great days on the water!

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