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Fiberfoam Tapered Battens Hard 800*18mm

Fiberfoam Tapered Battens Hard 800*18mm

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Fiberfoam Tapered Battens Hard 800*18mm

Fiberfoam Full Batten

Our famous FIBERFOAM Catbattens are now better than ever. The new profile gives maximum draft at approximately 42% and an excellent ratio of tip bend to leech stiffness that results in a more efficient rig. Now used in all types of Fullbatten mainsails ranging from Cruising to Racing Cats. Why loose out on speed? With FIBERFOAM Catbattens, you could find that elusive winning edge. Also good news for the cruising sailor and Charter fleets. The lighter weight means less wear-and-tear, plus are easier to handle – an important consideration if sailing short handed!

FIBERFOAM Fullbattens are up to half the weight of standard glass battens for the same stiffness.

Fiberglass Foam
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