CadKat Wheel fixation for EuroTrax - body, gripper clamp, Allen screw and safety screw nut

    CadKat Wheel Lock Fixation EuroTrax 50mm

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    CadKat Wheel Lock Fixation EuroTrax 50mm

    Single complete assembly unit for fixing a EuroTrax balloonwheel's position on a 50mm axle. It is easily tightened with an Allen key (hex-wrench) on any smooth 50mm tube and allows you to adjust the width space between your wo balloon wheels in respect to your boat.

    In order to fortify one wheel's position you will need two of these wheel fixations (one left of the wheel and one to the right). As alternative you may choose our wheel fixation with quick clamp, to be found in our "related products" section below. There you will also find a complete package that includes all necessary parts for bearing and fixation of two balloon wheels (36 x click wheel bearing set).

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