Proople Speed Grip Self-Adhesive...
    TBS Speed Grip 10*140cm
    TBS Speed Grip 10*140cm

    Proople Speed Grip Self-Adhesive 10*140cm Black

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    Proople Speed Grip Self-Adhesive 10*140cm Black

    Formerly TBS, Proople Speed Grip No Slip. This micro-cellular elastomer with a high friction coefficient, provide an excellent grip. As the surface is soft and smooth, the Speed Grip will not damage your skin, wetsuit and any other accessory that my enter in contact with it. Adheres properly on any smooth, clean, dry such


    • Wood or Verni
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
    • ABS and other support.
    • Note not suitable for PE and PP rotomoled
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