Girouette Hawk MK1 pour Optimist ou autre dériveur

    Hawk MK1 Low friction racing wind indicator

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    Hawk MK1 Low friction racing wind indicator

    The Little Hawk MK1 is a small lightweight and robust Wind Indicator designed to be positioned at the top of the mast on dinghies upto 6m. Very popular with Optimists and Toppers the Little Hawk MK1 is also ideal for any dinghy that wants accurate wind direction information with minimal weight and drag.The Vane Arm is made of super tough nylon and is all but indestructible. The aluminium rod can be easily straightened if damaged or easily bent to any required angle. The whole unit is easily assembled straight from the box.


     Use Dinghy’s up to 6m
     Vane Arm Length 16.5cm
     Overall Height 28cm
     Overall Weight 16gms
     Bearing Aluminium Pin
     UV Protected Yes
     Balanced Arm By design

    21 Items
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