Topper The Original 5.3sqm
Topper The Original 5.3sqm
Topper The Original 5.3sqm
Topper The Original 5.3sqm
Topper The Original 5.3sqm

Topper The Original 5.3sqm

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Topper The International Topper

Nearly 50,000 boats sold worldwide

Boat Model

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 "A design classic" Yachts & Yachting

Sames as Standard but Harken Equipped

Perfect for families - Unlike other small boats the Topper has something to offer the whole family. Whilst she is simple, safe and stable to inspire confidence in young or novice sailors. She offers pedigree handling and racy performance levels as competence levels grow - which other 'beach-boats' can only dream of.

Perfect for beginners - Youngsters and newcomers to sailing will love the Topper because she is so easy to handle and nothing comes close to the now famous Topper grin factor.

Perfect for Racing - The Topper offers a phenomenal race and training scene. Friendly but competitive, the circuit is a fantastic place to be. And a breeding ground for some of the UKs very best young sailors!

 Rugged and durable construction - The boat is stronger and lighter than any other comparable boat. So she is easier to handle on the water and ashore. The Topper is virtually maintenance free. AND a proven track record of reliability means that resale values are sky high.

 Cartoppable - The Topper hull weighs in at just 43kgs and is the perfect design for cartopping. In fact, this fantastic feature is where the name 'Topper' originates from. You can just pop the Topper on to the roof of your car and transport your sailboat cheaply and effortlessly wherever you decide.

Boat Weight is reflecting the Hull weight only!

Lenght (cm):
Width (cm):
Boat Crew (max):
Main Sail Area (including Mast) m²:
Weight Hull (kg):
Homologation CE:
Injection Moulded Polypropylene
Design Team:
Ian Proctor
User Level:
Novice - Racer
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