Ino Rope Polyurethane Color Rope

Ino Rope Polyurethane Color Rope

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Ino Rope Polyurethane Color Rope

  • Blue
  • Grey (Dark)
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Translucent
  • Green

Polyurethane made to easily color/size thin ropes. Perfect for coloring parts of ends, quickly identify textile shackles, Dyneema covers.

Sold in bottle of 125ml


Shake the bottle and then dip your rope in it, or in a larger container. Let dry a few hours in the open air. Water-soluble polyurethane (cleaning the container). Once dry, it turns into a plastic film that coats the fibers of the rope.


Sizing is a process in which the rope is immersed in a polyurethane bath. The sizing is practiced hot in an oven at the same time as the pre-stretching. The polyurethane forms a film around the Dyneema® threads that protects them from external aggressions (salt crystals, sand, ragging, etc.).

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