Trem Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

Trem Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

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Trem Grapnel Anchor 1.5kg

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Hot-dip galvanized. This grapple occupies only minimal storage space. It is used in small dinghies or as a temporary weather anchor on larger boats. Very good performance in herbaria and rocks.

Ref Weight Boat Weight Size Open Size Closed
BW148 0.7kg 50kg 25*21cm 25*7.0cm
BW150 1.5kg 100kg 30*37cm 30*8.0cm
BW151 2.5kg 200kg 36*32cm 36*9.0cm
BW152 3.2kg 300kg 40*33cm 40*9.5cm
BW149 4.0kg 400kg 45*40cm 45*11.0cm
BW153 6.0kg 500kg 54*47cm 54*12.0cm
BW154 8.0kg 1000kg 58*52cm 58*13.5cm
BW155 10.0kg 2000kg 70*62cm 70*14.0cm
BW156 12.0kg 3000kg 74*65cm 74*14.5cm
BW157 15.0kg 4000kg 71*67cm 71*13.0cm
Lenght (mm):
Width (mm):
Working Load (kg):
Weight (gr):
Usefull Width (mm):
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