Veneziani Speedy Carbonium 0.75l...

Veneziani Speedy Carbonium 0.75l Antifouling

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Veneziani Speedy Carbonium 0.75l

  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Black

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Two-pack antifouling for racing boats

Two-pack medium hard antifouling using carbon as an active component for better performance.

Quick drying, two coats can be applied in one day. Application must be carried out with spraying equipment. After application it can be wet-sanded with 600 grade abrasive paper to achieve extra smoothness.All colours are suitable for sailboats made of GRP, wood, steel and light alloy (on specific primers).


  • Specific weight:1,79 ± 0.02 Kg/L
  • Solids by volume:53 %
  • Colour: blu toned, black, grey
  • Surface about 10m2
  • Other Packaging: 2,50 litres (only grey)


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