ClamCleat Keeper for CL203 & Mk1 Juniors
    ClamCleat Keeper for CL203 & Mk1 Juniors

    ClamCleat Keeper for CL203 & Mk1 Juniors

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    ClamCleat Keeper for CL203 & Mk1 Juniors



    This accessory expands the capability of conventional Clamcleat® rope cleats. The Award Winning Keeper has been designed to overcome the problem of lines being cleated accidentally as well as improving performance by holding lightly-loaded lines in the jaws of a cleat when mounted upside down.

    Keepers keep a rope in the cleat, or keep it out of the cleat.

    When using a cleat fitted with a Keeper, the operation and performance is completely transformed. The lead-in makes cleating a line easier and there is a satisfying and positive click as the line is released or cleated. . These benefits mean that Clamcleat® rope cleats can now be used on control lines that are adjusted frequently.

    When a halyard or control line is released from a cleat fitted with a Keeper, the Keeper will stop it falling back into the cleat and re-cleating, for example when dropping a spinnaker during a race or the mainsail when unrigging ashore. A patent has been applied for the innovative Keeper.
    • Fits Clam Cleat CL203, CL211 MK1, CL211 MK1AN, CL217 MK1, CL218 MK1, CL236, CL236AN, CL704, CL704AN



    Height / Depth (mm):
    Lenght (mm):
    Width (mm):
    Ø Max Rope (mm):
    Ø Min Rope (mm):
    Fastener spacing (mm):
    Fasteners (mm):
    Weight (gr):
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