PROTect Tape Chafe Black Width 152mm
PROTect Tape Chafe Black Width 152mm

PROTect Tape Chafe Black Width 152mm

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PROTect Tape Chafe Black Width 152mm

  • Black
Lenght cm
Thickness Micron

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PROtect Tape is a pressure sensitive tape using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene film with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.
The result is a very tough material, with the highest impact strenght of any thermoplastic presently made.It has extremely low moisture absorption and very low coefficient of friction, is self lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion (15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel). 

UHMWPE with acrylic adhesive on liner, Black, 125 micron (10mil), width 152mm (6"), lenght 16.5m (18yds)

  • dragging lines over the deck
  • mooring ropes
  • mast and spreaders
  • under the boom to protect it from spinnaker/gennaker sheet
  • around the pad eyes for blocks and hardware
  • daggerboards
  • stanchions
  • sails


Crystal clear PET clamshell with eurohole and barcode.

Other products
The product is available in two colors, translucent (PCT) and black (PCB), and different gauges:
PCT translucent in 76/125/250/250 micron (3/5/10/20 mil)
PCB black in 125/250/250 micron (5/10/20 mil)
The standard widths are 51mm (2") and 152mm (6"), custom width from 7mm (17/64") up to 660mm (26"). 
The standard lenght is 16.5m (18 yds) 

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