CadKat Axle connector 50 mm - internal Expand

CadKat Axle connector 50 mm - internal




CadKat Axle connector 50 mm - internal

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CadKat Connector for 50mm axel


This connector allows for a perfectly tight connection between 2 halves of the axle (50x2,5 mm rund tube). This way axles can easily be assembled, disassembled and stored over the winter. This connector is stronger than the complementary tube and therefore never the weak link in the chain. The operating mode is as simple as it is ingenius. The connector is being inserted in the two ends of each axle part and then spread apart by two screws. The connector will expand against the walls of the outer aluminum tube until the whole unit is tightly connected. This connection is rock solid and not noticeable even from close distances. All parts are made from sea water resistant aluminum. This connector has been made since summer 2007 and also fits older launching trolleys. High quality steel bolts require a 11mm hole in the tube that is to be connected.

Weight: 300gr

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