RWO Twist Clips 5mm - Toggle

    RWO Turnbuckle Toggle Twist Clip M5

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    RWO Turnbuckle Toggle Twist Clip M5

    RWO Riggn Toggle 5mm - Twist Clip. A Stainless Steel coupling having an eye at one end and a fork at the other  90° to each other.

    • Total Length: 40mm
    • Hole Center: 25mm
    • Eye Thickness: 5mm
    • Fork Opening: 7mm
    • Eye Pin Hole: 5.5mm
    • Fork Pin Hole: 5mm
    • Pin Lenght: 14mm
    • Pin Diam: 5mm
    • Weight: 20gr

    Can be used on any Catamaran and Dinghy to get a 90° angle between the shrouds and the hull.

    6 Items
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