ClamCleat Pulling Power Grip 2 3-6mm CL262 H2O Sensations

    ClamCleat Pulling Power Grip 2 3-6mm

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    ClamCleat Pulling Power Grip 2 3-6mm


    • Take the pain out of pulling smaller ropes.
    • CL262 Power Grip 2 allows you to pull about four times as hard compared to using your bare hands.
    • Light, strong and convenient to carry in your pocket.
    • The smoothly contoured hand grip area has been voted the most comfortable shape to fit all hand sizes.
    • Manufactured from high pressure die-cast aluminium for strength and durability.
    • For single handed use try our CL261.


    Anodized Aluminum
    Lenght (mm):
    Width (mm):
    Height / Depth (mm):
    Ø Max Rope (mm):
    Ø Min Rope (mm):
    Weight (gr):
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