CadKat EuroTrax ballon wheel - 21x12-8 knobbly - on red

    CadKat Trolley EuroTrax Balloon Wheel- 21x12-8 Knobbly Red

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    CadKat Trolley EuroTrax Balloon Wheel- 21x12-8 Knobbly Red

    Diameter of the tube if using Cadkat Pins, 50mm

    Our popular knobbly balloon wheel is the world’s first choice when it comes to defeating soft beaches with occasional pointed stones, corals or other sharp obstacles. Huge dimensions (560 mm/22 in X 250 mm/9,8 in) guarantee a smooth transportation process for your boat – no matter what kind of ground you can think of. Pick one of two different bearing types, depending on your chosen application:

    Our standard 18 x click roller bearing for launching your boat and/or our HiSpeed ball bearings

    The tire is manufactured according to our specifications and features enormous load capacity. A study by the technical college Kiel has proven that the wheel can hold far more than the permissible 200 kg (441 lbs).

    The rim itself is injection molded and made out of glass fiber reinforced plastic - a more than solid construction that is mostly responsible for our balloon wheels' good reputation. Furthermore the rim features very tough spokes that bring you yet two more advantages: On one hand the spokes allow you to easily use our special anti-theft device (plastic-coated steel cable) on the other hand they simply make the rim very light. Due to the “missing” hollowware within the rim it has a lot less lifting tendency so it will be much easier for you to place the trolley under your boat.

    The wheel is ready to go the moment you open the package. Equipped with a common valve you can inflate your tube at any given gas station. This wheel is not to be used with motorized vehicles.

    Height / Depth (mm):
    Width (mm):
    Ø Axle (mm):
    Working Load (kg):
    Hub Lenght (mm):
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