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• A great introduction to performance sailing.
• Performance and Control.
• Beamy and chined hull for reassuring stability.
• It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with a single trapeze.
• Very robust, maintenance free TRILAM construction – Read more
• ISAF ‘Learn to Sail’ Class

The Vibe offers a great introduction to performance sailing. It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with a single trapeze. The Mylar mainsail area can be reduced by up to 20% using the innovative zip reefing system, meaning that the boat can be altered to suit virtual novices, club racers and even set up as a singlehander.

The Vibe is a great choice for schools providing two person race tuition. The beamy hull inspires great confidence in young, lightweight or inexperienced sailors. And the chine in the hull provides even greater stability meaning that the Vibe stays sailing, no matter who is at the helm, when many of its competitors would capsize. It is a versatile boat that is fast and fun, but very stable and easy to manage.

The huge, spacious cockpit with its gnav kicker offers roomy and comfortable sailing for two adults. There’s plenty of room at the back of the cockpit for an adult helm and enough gunwale space for a crew to enjoy life on the wire. The Vibe is also lightweight, making it easy to launch for adults or children and can be easily rigged using the hinged mast foot.

A more powerful Vibe X rig is also available. The VIBE X utilises the same hull as the original Vibe which has proven to be exceptionally stable, light and compact – with the addition of a larger and more powerful rig. The extra power which allows the boat to plane even earlier and sail even faster is ideal for lighter wind conditions, heavier sailors or to challenge crews as they grow in confidence.

The larger rig results in a 20 per cent increase in sail area, with the taller mast fitted with lowers, shrouds and spreaders for greater control of mast bend and compression. This makes it easier to depower the mainsail upwind, with enough support for a lighter crew to trapeze without distorting the rig, plus a longer pole to fly a considerably larger asymmetric spinnaker.

The standard Vibe is a great choice for young, lightweight and inexperienced sailors who want instantly accessible exciting sailing. The Vibe X option generates even higher performance to take you to the next level of progression – while still retaining the excellent stability and forgiveness of the beamy and chined Vibe hull. The result; far more control and fewer spills than you’d expect from a boat with this much oomph.

Topper’s unmatched TRILAM construction offers great buoyancy and resilience for training. Standard features include an epoxy centreboard and rudder, righting lines, grab rails, sealed one-piece mast and sails equipped with a flotation device.

Length 3.80m 3.80m
Beam 1.66m 1.66m
Crew Capacity 1-3 1-3
Racing Crew 2 2
Hull weight 80kg 80kg
Construction Topaz TRILAM Topaz TRILAM
Sail Area ex spi 9.11m2 10.42m2
Main 6.90m2 8.12m2
Jib 2.21m2 2.30m2
Spinnaker 8.41m2 10.58m2
Trapeze Yes Yes
Level Novice-Racer Novice-Racer
Boat Lenght (cm): 380
Boat Weight (kg): 80
Boat Crew (max): 3
Boat Width (cm): 166
Construction : TRILAM Polyethylene
User Level: Novice - Racer

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Topper Topaz Vibe

Topper Topaz Vibe

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