Lancelin Dyneema Enzymed Braid Long SK78

Lancelin Dyneema Enzymed Braid Long SK78

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Lancelin Dyneema Enzymed Braid Long SK78

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Diameter mm

Lancelin DYNEEMA® BRAID Long SK78

Composition : 12 or 16-strand Dyneema® SK78 high modulus polyethylene braid.
Characteristics :
  • Excellent resistance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Small creep and low stretch at breakload.
  • Easily spliced.
  • UV resistant.
High wear resistance and floating.Possible to recover with coloured polyurethane film (to ensure better resistance to abrasion). Available in extended or tightened braids (more extension with tightened braid).A variety of applications for running rigging.
For more information on resistance, please check following lancelin website
Rope Type:
Cover Material:
Dyneema SK78
Core Material:
Dyneema SK78
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