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Gul Hydr8 1l Hydration Pouch



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Dont let yourself dehydrate out of the water the Gul Hydr8 1L Hydration Pack has been designed to work with the Hydr8 Buoyancy aid (GM0370) Locking on to the back via adjustable attachment straps allowing convenient rehydration when needed.The hydr8 pack is a small pack that contains a plastic bladder for water, with a tube and mouthpiece for easy access to water whilst in the water. Includes 1 litre water bladder and reflective piping for safety.

  • Stretch neoprene and nylon pocket
  • Elastic key loop and additional pocket
  • Includes a 1 litre water bladder
  • Reflective piping for safety
  • Attached to GM0370 HYDR8 vest


Your hydration pack has been made from carefully selected materials to give the best combination of durability and performance. With the correct care you will gain the maximum life from your pack. Keeping your hydration pack clean is essential to avoid bacterial growth. It should be emptied immediately after use and hung out to dry. A regular rinse with baby-bottle sterilising fluid helps prevent mould growth in the tube. A good place to store your Hydration pack after use is the fridge. We also advise only storing water in the bladder as carbohydrate sports drinks are near impossible to clean.

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Gul Hydr8 1l Hydration Pouch

Gul Hydr8 1l Hydration Pouch

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